Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Its a new day, a new life, a new start. I have the benefit of the Lord on my side. The people who are naysayers, and 2faced have weeded themselves out of my life and my God had everything to do with that. Now what do you say.... well the now what is what is so wonderful. I am not bogged down with thoughts of others, what they think what they say. It doesnt matter how close you are or how good of friends you think you are. They still talk behind your back. They say one thing and do another, and claim not to remember the conversation. Well that is about as grimey as you can get. All you can depend on is you. And I have always known that, ever since I had my son at a young age, and everyone had their opinion then. And guess what, everyone was wrong. So what makes you think you arent wrong now. Well you are. Chump. I am so done with stupid lives of people that cant even get along in their own home, and try to come talk about mine. Ha.
According to my beliefs and the guidance of my pastors and father, say God Bless You, to those who have problems with your nose being where it doesnt belong. Use me to get yourself ahead. I dont care. It wont be the first time that someones opinion of me didnt drive them because the only way to show me is to get ahead of me according to some thinking. Well sorry I have to disappoint, I am so far ahead of all of you that you are wiping my dust from your eyes. All you see is a cloud in that nosy little head of yours. Cough out the dust because more is coming. And I guess its obvious that I use your pathetic attempt at being my blood as a constant reminder that I would much rather have a total stranger over for dinner than you.
I will be posting to my dear friends at another time. The ones that truly care about me and the ones that dont use my sorrow for their pleasure. Get a li..... I mean God Bless You.

Last but never least,