Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last week & weekend

Whats up guys?
I have been exhausted doing all that needs to be done before school. We have been up at the college all week and weekend getting Mijo's classes and schedule together. We also got Laffy Taffy's uniforms only to get a letter in the mail today that we bought the wrong color. So that sucks. I told Chris I am sending her in her white shirt the first day just to protest. Its not fair. Some of us don't wait until the last minute to buy their stuff, and they barely send a letter today? That's DISD for you.
My boy is a junior this year. Can you believe that? Its crazy. I have to prepare myself for him to have a career and life of his own...that's going to be crazy. But that is what we have been preparing him for this whole time. He also proves himself these two years, and automatically gets a scholarship to UTA. I think its awesome. Even though I lead the way, he is the one who has to do the work. He is the one who keeps himself in the program. He is the one who walks the walk. I am proud of him for stepping up to the pressure and surviving. One thing I have let that boy do this summer is sleep. He was so sleep deprived during the year. And this year he wants to get a job too! I dont know how all that is going to work, but we'll see. I dont want him to go to fast. I want him to see what his workload is going to be for the year.
My girl will probably go to the magnet school during elementary. They want her over there. I heard nothing but them trying all last year. Sending letters home with her and mailing them to the house. I did not want her to go in the middle of the year. I wanted her to start fresh for the year. She is fine where she is, with her friends. That is also important. She is getting social skills. I am going to do more research this year, and a tour of the school. If I like what I see I will put her in.
Thing is, at the end of the year when we did all the end of year stuff, her TAG teacher pulled me aside and told me K was the smartest person in the class. She said she felt bad some of the assignment that she gave her because she knew it was too easy. But she couldnt leave the other kids behind just for 1 kid. I understood. Thats what I go up against if I dont move her. She will get bored and act out. I will check it out.
I never put my boy in a magnet school. He was always in TAG (Talanted and Gifted). They want my girl early..lol. I have her plan all lined up, just like I did for my boy. I know what my kids are going to do from birth, please, I got it like that!...lol... no really, I have always known what to do for them. Basically what wasnt done for me. Dont we always say that as parents. There is always something we craved as kids, and didnt get. We always know that in hindsight. So we learn from it, or we repeat it. Well I definately learn from what goes on in my life, and what to do next. So this weekend was full, and tiring but we got it done. Thats all that matters! Salute!