Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update on left leg

Things with my leg have been much different than with my right leg. The reason being that my left leg included my hip that had issues too. My right leg did not have that. So I am healing a leg that has issues in the hip and its much more painful and is taking longer to heal. No matter what I always keep a positive attitude and I say that I am doing well. The Lord let me wake up another day and I can not complain about it. Most people I know already have made their peace with losing me. When I hear that I just shake my head because I am not going anywhere. It seems like people give up on you before you give up on you. What does that tell me? Like I said, I know who loves me, I know who is my friend, and I need and want prayers from all of those who are willing to send me positive vibes and prayers that will help me heal and help me get up and be on my feet for longer than 5 minutes at a time. I was unable to even stand at all so being able to stay on my feel for longer than 5 minutes is a great thing for me. Its an accomplishment all the same. I am a cheer leading team of 1 and I root for myself with all the greatness of the world on my shoulders. I have love that overpowers the haters. I have way more friends, and peaceful people who send me love and I know it cancels out all the haters who dont care about me one bit. I never said I needed everyone to support me. If someone feels that way I didnt need them anyway, plain and simple. I have cut all drama from my life. Love is all I need!
Renee B.
Lover not a Fighter!