Friday, June 19, 2009

Fill in the Gaps

Upon rereading the postings I need to fill in some gaps, about the iv they had to redo 3 times, the physical therapy, the medical bed, the crutch, the bedpan, going up and down stairs, the progress I have made, and the way I feel. I am glad I did the surgery.

So the IV. They initially put it in my wrist. When I had to walk after the surgery with a walker, it moved the needle so much the medicine was coming out the hole on the other side..yes.. it was a trip. The lady came and moved the IV. Then it was infected or something because my whole wrist turned red. The nurse moved it one more time. This time it stuck. 3 different nurses mind you.

Now the physical therapy. Well the lady came. She gave me A +++ all the way around. She came and taught me how to go up stairs to my house, how to walk properly. I was basically given all rights to put full weight on my new leg if necessary. It was still very sore though. I had 2 big incisions in my leg with stitches that also almost got infected. See I heal faster than the 2 week time for the appointment. Those suckers were ready to come out, so I took them out myself and it felt immediately better. No can do waiting 3 more days with it feeling like that. I got clearance from the physical therapy area of the hospital.

The medical bed they dropped off at my house about 2 weeks before the surgery. It was weird having a medical bed in my house. I wanted it picked up almost immediately. I dont ever plan to need a medical bed at my home for any reason. I wont do it. My mom convinced me to keep it just until after my surgery "just in case" and I am like ok. FINE! I did it. Now I kept that thing until I had to and guess what, I had it picked up just as fast. Thank you, and yes the guys name was Chris that brought it too me. I have had a weird parallel to names that I have in my life are always the ones taking care of me. The guy that did my surgery was names Kristopher, with a k. I am like, I dont care I will take it. And it just happened to be Dr. McDreamy too. Well Dr McDreamy knows me real well I take it as a sign that I am on the right path. The right people are taking care of me. Until I fell strongly enough, I will change care. Right now I am cool.

You should have seen me trying to use all the tools they have for you to use when you have a leg surgery. Walking with a walker, crutch, its unnatural to a person that is on the go. I have things to do man. So Christopher looks for my crutches that my uncle gave me 2 years ago when I couldnt walk and I never used it then. So now when I needed them we could only find one. So here I am hobbling around with one crutch. Its was comical to me. I used the walker like I was supposed to. I played by the rules for as long as I am supposed to. I refused to use it around my house, or in closed rooms. If I was walking long hallways, or a long stretch then fine. The twwo weeks are up and I wont use it now. People are always like, you look good. How am I supposed to look? I am not going to let my swagger go just because of some little cold. You best believe, make up on, hair did, clothes pressed, and now I havent worn my heels in a couple years, but hey heres wishin.

Now the bedpan. These fools told me to go in a bedpan. You would have laughed at me. Its not natural people. I guess if you absolutely had to. But you know what, the night of my surgery, after all that ICU crap, after all the pain and suffering, I would not use a bedpan damit. So I walked on my new leg from the very first night. I was up almost before they could get the sentence out that I could get up if I felt like I could. Hey I am about forward progress people. I cant make it happen fast enough.

So my mother lives on the second floor and there is a flight of stairs that go up to her apartment. And its about 15 steps or so. Just what I need right now. So needless to say I havent visited her for a minute. But I can do it just fine now.

Now I feel ok. My family wont let me have these long days filled with lots of crap. I dont think about it anymore. The only reminder I have that I have to do this is the doctor appointments. Pretty big reminder I know, especially as many as I have. You should see my file. It is very very thick. It takes about 10-15 minutes for any new doctor that has to see me to go through my file. I am taking the medicine like I am supposed to. Its still alot, but I have been feeling no pain. I only take what I need to take. I did medicate for the whole 2 weeks. Now I am backing off a little to see what it really feels like, not with pain meds. The end goal is the less pills the better. I have already had to up size my pill bag once.

I am glad I did the surgery. If anyone had a crack or lesion or fracture on their femur this is the same fix you would get. I have just gotten what any normal person would have gotten in this situation. I wont go down without a fight, you better believe it.