Saturday, July 18, 2009



Facing Death

I miss being able
To get up and go
Now its all pills
And needles that flow.

Chemo, radiation, and doctor visits
That's my life now
I push forward no matter what
I don't know how

The power of faith
Is shining through
I believe in Lord Jesus
There is nothing he cant do

Believe and I will be healed my child
Is what he says and does
I believe in my saviour
No reason, just because

I can choose in this life
To do wrong or right
I can choose to die
Or get up and fight

You better believe
I will do my best
I know my calling
Its all a test

I face death in the eyes
Every single day
But Im not going out like that
It will be my way!

A poem by Renee B.

All I Want

All I want
Is to be there
When my girl goes to school
and my boy is flying an F22
Is that so much to ask?
Just like everyone else
I can not miss
What goes on in my family
I am being attacked within
An enemy I can not see
That lives inside me
Why did this happen?
Havent I been through enough?
Appearantly not
I have the capacity to learn more
which means...
I am highly regarded
in the spirit world
I get to learn the most

Dear Cancer,

Dear Cancer,
You piece of shit, why do you show up when things are perfect? I have no time to deal with your bull...To deal with you always trying to knock me down...Keep me down...Make me weak. Don't you know since I was born there has not been a day where I have been weak you stupid, ugly, nasty, joke of a disease? I demand you leave my body immediately. Its not ok for you to take away my time from my husband and children. Its not ok that you took away my ability to have any more children. Its not ok that I have to have surgery after surgery just to contain all the crap you started. Well let me tell you one thing. I am about to kick your ass. So be ready. Be ready.
Renee B.


Accept him into your life today
And you will get the best feeling
When you think of him and pray

Hey, whatever helps you get through the week
Helps you keep your composure
Instead of getting mad and freaked

Calm down and all you have to say
Is I accept you Lord Jesus
Into my heart today

A poem by Renee B.