Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Radiation Day 1

It was my first day of radiation. I have had to go to several previous visits to meet the doctor, then for the first visit for them to line everything up. They also had to take x-rays. The doctor had to approve the x-rays. They use the tattoo marks and the pen marks they drew on me to do this. I have had pain from my leg and the doctor told me that he hopes it subsides about a month after the treatment. Its takes that long. I am of the same hopes. I went around 4pm today due to scheduling of the place. Its extremely busy right now. Its kinda scary to think that it is so busy with people getting radiation that I have also been scheduled as late as 7pm. So 9 more treatments to go. I had 16 last time so it is a few less. I am only allowed to get so much in one area. I was immediately sick from the treatment and when I got home I was sick not long after. This is what I usually go through. I say that it is worth going through instead of being burned and having red marks from the radiation. I didn't have that last time and I don't expect it this time. I will only be sick for a bit when I come home. I will deal with it.

Playing Catch-Up

I have so much to catch you up on. I will be doing so all week pretty much...TTYSoon

Charger Craziness

I finally got my charger for my laptop. I have been waiting FOREVER! I first had an issue with my internet. Something to do with the wiring, and then the day I got it fixed my charger broke. URG! So I am back on now, and able to catch everyone up on the latest. I went to see the Radiation Oncologist. He decided on 10 treatments for my leg. Each treatment will take 5-10 minutes. I go during weekdays. I also had to go for the initial visit that they do to line everything up. They actually have to tattoo you for the procedure. It is how they line up the machine. I was stupid last time like ok, you can poke me to tattoo me. That dang lady poked me with that needle so hard just to leave a dot. A tattooed dot in which they used to line up the machine. Its a crazy thing. They have to tattoo both sides of my hips and right above my belly button. I told those ladies that I was already tattooed from my first radiation and I didn't need it again. I told her they can use the same dots from last time. They are still there..lol.. I know it doesn't seem like much, but any bit of pain I can avoid I will avoid. I actually had nights where I cried myself to sleep because my leg hurt so bad. The pain in my bone is indescribable. It is bone pain, and nerve pain, and it sucks major. I have been handling it though. I am ready to get this radiation over with. It is supposed to help with the pain and that is a big proposal. I take all the pain like a professional like always. Its a gift by this point. I want to have something else for my gift. Pain pain go away, come again another day...LOL! I say bring it on. I am going to do this with my hands ties being my back. I declare that I will have no side effects when it comes to the radiation. I may be a little tired. I can accept that. With my head held high, I am ready to get this step over with and move on to the next hurdle. Soon enough it will be over... I just have to keep moving, keep pushing forward. Never forget to keep pushing forward. You don't even have to think. Just get out there and see what the world has to say. Love you all!