Monday, July 12, 2010

Doing Better

My leg is doing better. I know that from before when I could only take a couple of steps at a time. I decided to use crutches this time after my surgery instead of a walker. This time it was different even though they did the same surgery, they went about it differently than they did with my other leg. They cut in a different place, they used a nerve pinch this time on my leg and they didn't do that last time. The thing that is left to hurt now is the hardware that they installed in my leg which is actually bolted to my knee and my hip. It is fusing as we speak. It hurts. I also have jerking that happens sometimes and if I am sitting wrong it jerks sideways kinda and it hurts too. I don't know how else to go about getting better except to do it slowly and carefully. I haven't been getting up much but when I do I try slowly to put full weight on my leg. Slowly but surely. The right leg I was able to put full weight on my leg in a couple days. This time its taking a couple weeks. The break was in a different place and everything so I know its not going to be the same. I am going in for my radiation planning meeting very soon. I am told I am going to have about 10 treatments. Same as I had on my right leg. I know what to expect this time. I am keeping the faith that the pain will cease to exist when all that is over with. I had my eyes on finishing the surgery so much that I forgot completely about radiation. Guess I know that I need to get it over with and I will be happy to that is for sure!