Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To my wife

Hi Guys, If you didnt already know my wife passed away yesterday fighting this Cancer and my girl cheated death twice. Know this all the nurses and doctors were the best I have seen and they put her in the best suite and what a view of downtown. You should have seen the glow in her eyes when we held hands and watch the sunset. Man that was priceless. I am not bitter my wife is gone cause I know she is with our Lord and loved ones. I saw it myself. I made the choice for thr doctors to release my tulip. She would have done the same for me. I didnt tell you guys last night when I was in bed and my daughter was sleeping with me and I couldnt sleep cause I kept smelling her. I was in pitch black and I kept saying bebe where are you??? I felt her! All this support and prayers is all she was striving for. You guys dont know our privite moments when we would not say anything but just talking with our minds and laughing. At her last moments when I made the final decision that Renee went out with no pain and was a soft exhale. I kissed my tulip all over and gave her my butterfly kisses on her nose. Man her smell of love was and is still intoxicating and drives me crazy even now. I just welded my wedding ring to my finger! I will make her spirit live forever so help me God!