Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leg Update

I haven't spoken much about my leg and how I have been when it comes to walking around, and handling day to day. I really let myself heal, I listened to the docs as well. When they told me to walk with a walker or cane till my stitches came out I did. I did all I was supposed to do. Which is good. Before when I couldn't walk I basically told the doctors where they could shove that cane. So I think I have made an improvement when it comes to I go from day to day when it comes to the pain. I also have days when there is no pain. They are here and there. Usually never for more than a day or 2. Boy today and yesterday have just been like heck! Major pain. I feel it in my bones and my knee. The medicine has done nothing over the past couple of days. I even took so much medicine yesterday that I got sick. I made myself sick with it. I go see my pain management doctor next week so I will find out what they want me to do and what medicine they will want to keep or change. I have liked my doctors so far when it comes to pain management. The nurse was pretty rude to me the last time so I'm not looking forward to her. I also find out my radiation schedule too so maybe that may help with the pain as it goes on. The lady that my oncologist introduced me to from the American Cancer Society is my friend now. I happen to end up with appointments on Wed. which is the day she volunteers up there. She was Stage 3C. Now she is healed. She just told me that there are peaks and valleys to it and that I will make it... just keep up the fight. I see her now when I go up there and fill her in on the latest. And I also have her number if I need it or want to talk. She is nice. I am glad to have met her. But oh yeah, my leg hurts like a b... Annual Family Camping trip is coming up, I am trying to take it easy because we are planning on going. I can do it., I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can. I know, I'm a dork. LOL. Talk soon, Renee