Friday, May 21, 2010


I have many happiness's in-between all these doctor visits. A major diagnosis like this brings so many heavy thoughts and feelings that I wasn't balanced out for a long time. I honestly believe that I am just now able to cope with what is going on. After all the thoughts and sadness and worrying, I felt it was important to stress the importance of spending time making yourself happy too.

It is so important to even yourself out with positive feelings. By evening yourself out, I am telling you that you should try to spend an equal amount of time doing things that make you happy. Being around the people that make you happy also helps. It makes all the difference.

For me, first of all, my niece that is just about a year old now, is the light of my life. Ever since she was born I noticed that she had this life energy that was more than enough for her. There was always plenty of energy left over for me. I felt so much better every time I saw her. I would notice that when I spend time with her, I would leave feeling such joy and happiness. I just know that she and I share a very special connection that is undeniable. I know that she is so smart just by our interactions. She is a great joy in my life.

I have to say my husband and my kids are such a big part of my happinessas well. We love to hang out together on weekends and to go to our favorite places. I love taking the kids out to get a reward for their hard work being straight A students. They really try hard to do well and we really try hard to work with them for their futures. It is important for me to also teach them to be kind to others. My little one tells me every week about a situation that happened at school and how she handled it. This girl is 9. I tell her not to make things so complicated. I tell her to just try to have fun and not be so serious all the time. There is plenty of time to be serious. I always try to have them remember to lead their thoughts with integrity.

My dogs also make me very happy. I know that they are loyal to me. I know that they dont have any place they would rather be. Dogs bring a fun that no other being can do. There is a mind-melding that happens there because that is the only way they can communicate. I really believe that you can look in a dogs eyes and hear what they want if you just listen to them. You hear it if you have love in your heart for them.

I have not even touched on all the ways that one can find happy times. I hope to share more ideas with you on ways that I find to make me happy.