Friday, June 25, 2010

Deja Vu

I went to my appointment on Wed of last week. I had to go to the xray first so by the time I went to the see the doctor then she would have seen what was wrong with me. There is a massive fracture in my left femur now and they were so afraid of it snapping that they wanted to admit me through the emergency room at that moment. Mostly for the pain it was causing me not because they were going to operate on me that minute.
I am still going to have surgery very quickly on this one. I am not totally sure what they are going to do at this point but I am scared. The surgery was the worst pain I have ever had in my life. This time I have a team of pain management doctors that will be there for me and I am comforted by that.
I was told to be there Monday morning at 5am. I am happy I did not spend the weekend there I know they wanted to install the pain pump right then and there though. Its time to take care of this no matter what.