Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Appointment Today

I waited since my last appointment for the letter to come to confirm the appointment time like the nurse told me to do. At the end of my last appointment the nurse gave me a paper that showed my next 5 or 6 appointments (all tentative). She (the nurse) told me the the confirmation will come in a letter and or a phone call. I waited all day until yesterday evening and I had no confirmation of the time. My mom called last night asking for the time of the appointment so she could go. I told her I hadn't gotten the confirmations so I would call the minute they start answering the phones at 8am. Then I can find out the time and then call her and let her know when to be there because she wanted to go with me. This is a big time appointment where a big time conversation will be taking place. I want her there. Well I called and they did not have an appointment on the schedule for me today. The lady on the phone looked everywhere in the system, I was no where in there for today. I then called my mom and told her to call and make sure because I want to go to my appointments. She called up there to and confirmed that I was not in the system for today. My next appointment is on the 5th for my chemo and then the 6th for my consultation for my radiation. So a little more waiting for me but I can do it. I always do. Ready. Set. Go.... I am already halfway to the finish line! YEah! RB