Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Man

My Wife's post: Great with respect, acknowledge he is the man, doesnt always have to be verbal, just because your husband/man expects meals & a little cleaning is probably because its just him wanting to be taken care of in turn for him taking care of you. Again sometimes unspoken. Show him you have everything there is to offer, you fit the checklist, he just needs reminding after all men are very verbal creatures. Some men are not into cuddling 24/7, dont get mad if you want something & he is honestly is asking you what you want & your not telling him. You think he's been with me for this long & he doesnt know what I want. Thats also called rowling yourself up or in a mans eyes "getting mad at him for no reason". In all fairness ladies he cannot read your mind. Help him out alittle & tell him what you want. Remember & give him credit, he has alot on his mind & already works a long week to come home to you. He doesnt read minds & neither do you. Ask for the same from him. Also another point I have learned from the patterns in my own marriage that when he is going to work without question & paying the bills, the car, the food & never once complains, then make sure you give him credit for that. When you get mad because you think he isnt paying enough attn to you remember that he dedicated every hour to taking care of a home with you included. In his eyes he is doing his part, the mans role, that works & pays bills & takes care of his woman.He actually would like to hear that you are proud of him during those moments, not that he doesnt pay enough attn to you. You want more, take a step back & switch it up. When he thinks your going to nag him because he didnt remember what color shirt you wore yesterday,To him he is taking care of his business, which is taking care of you & kids, if there are any. Tell him thanks for once - Renee Bravo