Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Radiation Complete

I have completed my radiation as of the beginning of this month. The burn that I had to endure up until he last treatment is just now healing and starting to fade away. That was one of the hardest things to do was knowing I was burned, dealing with it, and still going to get more burned every single day. It turns into alot of scabbing and redness that makes it very difficult to wear clothes and even take a shower. A good thing was I met some very neat women while I was there. Everyone from the radiation technicians, my doctor, my nurse, and the other women in there with me. Lots of them have doctor horror stories just like I do.
I spent the first part of my treatments not talking to anyone really. It was one of the other women that was working on herself that day who decided that she would say hi to everyone in the office. And it was that hello that sparked a conversation between the females who were in the room with me. We all had horror stories when it came to these doctors out here practicing medicine. Its scary. I do think there are doctors out there that are very knowing and can help. I also think there are doctors out there who have no business out there. The sad thing is we have to be there guinea pigs.
I did have a major family event happening right at the end of when my treatments were supposed to be done. My niece was turning 15 and having her quincenera. It was going to be in Nashville. It was going to be 3 days after my last treatment.
So here I am not 2 days out of my treatments, burned, tired, and pepping myself up to drive 800 miles to see my babygirl turn 15. My son was going to be standing up with her and escorting her down the aisle in the church and into the quince itself. All in all I toughed it out. My husband and his mom ended up doing all the driving. We watched movies and layed in our pillows otherwise. On the way up there I fell asleep in Texas and woke up in So I skipped Arkansas altogether.
I enjoyed it so much. We ended up renting an Excursion so it was a very roomy ride. Chris's mother went with us. It was very enjoyable.
We had to best time. We enjoyed seeing the kids Godparents, who are also Chris's twin sister and her husband. We went down to downtown Nashville and had a blast down there. We only had 3 days to do all of this and also try to visit also. The only thing we didn't have time to do was get in Jason's hot tub. We will next time. We hope to go for at least a week next time. Seeing my nieces and nephew was the best. My treatments ended up being over 3 days before we had to leave. One thing is I refused to schedule any of my chemo treatments until I came back. So now that is what I am waiting to do.
In all the pictures they are of us having a blast, dancing, doing the YMCA, the Hustle, the new shuffle dances they have out, and so much more. And all that time you would never know that I am so burned that I almost had to have Chris take me back right in the middle. I pushed through though.
The next part of my life is the part where I am officially going to do chemo now. Its the most hardcore chemo that there is. I am keeping my head up and knowing that I am finally going to kill this foreign crap that is in my body. Before it changed, I was going to have to take a pill and just maintain it my whole life. I know it wasn't my choice but I didn't want to maintain this crap my whole life, I want it gone, out, no mas, no more, no more.
I cant tell you the amounts of learning that I have done. I am so much smarter now. Spiritually I grow every day. I know where to draw my strength from. When I started all this, I drew my strength from the people around me. I put all my energy into a bunch of people who ended up being disrespectful and basically didn't show they cared about me at all. Basically I feel that all those people abandoned me when the going got tough. So I had to learn a whole new way of coping, of dealing with stuff that I used to get guidance for all alone. I never thought I could get stronger. I never thought I would be able to be weak at any point in my life. I have been in weak places when my loved ones tell me that I am stronger than them. It makes me think. It brings me back. My oncologist tells me that I am stronger than she is. That's major.
So its me, doing what I have to do. Being where I have to be. Hoping where hope needs to be. I have never had all this emotion packed into so little time. Its been a great deal to have on my plate. In such a short time. I also say that there are still people out there that deal with much more than I am dealing with right now as well. I try to keep an even mindset when it comes to thinking about what I have been through and who has been there and how I am going to come out of this even stronger than I ever thought.
My hopes for the future are easy. No more pain. The pain I have endured I would have never thought in a million years. I certainly take nothing for granted. If I can get out there on a beautiful day and enjoy it, you better believe that I will be the one getting the most out of it.
All my best,