Thursday, April 22, 2010

I went to my doctor visit last week. I ended up thinking I wasn't going to get to see my doctor but I did. I was glad I did. Let me tell you why.
I was first seen by a guy who I thought was my new doctor who ended up being the chemo doctor. He for some reason thought I refused chemo. I told him that I have no other choice right? What kind of question was that I thought...I asked him how long I would need this chemo and he said until it stops working. Now I don't know what kind of answer that is but I said....Okay.... and at that time he told me that he was going to get the paperwork for the permission to go forward and he would be back.
When I saw my doctor come in after that I was so happy to see her. I jumped up and gave her a hug and she was there with open arms. Its a nice relationship I have with her so far. She said to sit down she had something to ask me. She told me that she didn't think I needed chemo right now for these reasons:
She said that they removed the lump and what remains is in my bones and it should be the slowest growing kind. It should be slow growing enough that I shouldn't need chemo. Basically that no other places in my body are affected so we should go with it until I feel worse or until I tell her I feel it somewhere else. Trust me, I feel it, where it is... Every place it is inside my bones I can feel it. But it isn't in my lungs or liver. That is a great thing to be able to say. I need to be able to say I am very happy about that.
I will continue to get scans every 3-6 months and until I feel bad or tell her that I feel it somewhere else she wont need to scan me until the scheduled times.
She even said if it was her she would decided not to have chemo. It is up to me if I wanted it now then I could have it. I don't though. Who would?
So for now it that is where I stand. I couldn't be happier. My mom and sister couldn't be happier as we were all fixing to shave our heads to donate our hair. Now we are all going to get it cut and styled... and couldn't be more excited about it.
I will take what I can get and not complain about it. I will take the happy times and enjoy every minute of it. I just got the paperwork for my scan and I go June 2 to get scans that basically will show if I have any spots on my liver or lungs. I keep the prayers going and I keep strong in mind, body, and soul. I know that I was just given great news and trust me, when dealing with this there is no good news....ever. Like I said, we ask no questions, and we enjoy the little things. Its so much more special to slow down and smell the flowers. In my case I was forced to.
Love and Prayers,
Renee B.