Friday, August 14, 2009

My Guys!

I have to show much love to my guys, my pals, my friends, my family Crae, Judy, Mike, Reatha, and Sandy. I can know without a doubt that you guys have my back no matter what. I know that nothing stupid will ever come between us, that you support me, care about me, and are there for me to laugh, cry, play, or just hang out. I know the things that are valuable in this life, and it isn't the big house, the "cool" car, or money, its who is going to be there for you in the end. Mind you, I have worked for and with billionaires. People really let their true colors show when the going gets tough. People tuck tail and run, say and don't do, and have things to say when others are brave enough to stick it out. I have been accused of alot of things during all this. I have even been accused of "faking it" and this was from one of my family members. I can give it face by saying that it affects me but truthfully it does not. I know who to give weight to and who not to. Some fooled me for a long time, but the truth always comes out. The best thing about the truth is that its not something you have to keep up with, or be fake about. I am truthful no matter what, I never worry about what I told this person or the story I need to keep straight. I don't have to call everyone in the family and make sure everyone knows my side. These are the stupid things that go on around me from people who are sadly my blood. The bright side of that is I know that the opposite of that is greatness. Its good times. Its love. Its priceless. Its true friendship. Its happiness. Its bonding. Its having someone to lean on. There are very few people in my life for whom I label golden, and these precious souls are golden to me. I would do anything for any one of these guys and I know the feeling is mutual. Squish Squish, tear, tear, smile, smile. I can handle tears of joy any day! The real test is who is going to be there for you in your trying days, in the battle of your life. I used to think the way you treated people mattered on how they treated you back. I am now a little wiser. There are some good fakers out there. Truth is, good people are good people no matter what. Perpetrators are the ones who are only there when they can get something out of it, or they need you for your connections or your skill set. Then they move on. No love, no care, no righteousness, no guilt. I cant be paranoid about it and I wont. I will be me no matter what. That's all I can be.I have to say I appreciate having you guys in my life muchos besos! Renee