Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Peace and love to you all!

Renee B.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cowboys vs. Tennessee

I really wanted to share that my husband and I are 2 out of 100 chosen out of 20,000 entries that are going to be a part of the Susan G. Komen halftime show at this weekends Dallas Cowboys football game. Chris and I will be representing for all the Breast Cancer people from across all the states. We are being picked up on the Cowboys bus, get to watch the game from the Miller Lite Suite at the new stadium and will be walking on the field during the halftime show!

We could not be more excited about this especially at the new stadium. It is expensive these days with the new stadium and all so it will be nice to get our first trip to the new billion dollar stadium to be such a great memory but I will get pictures for sure!

Also Amb. Nancy Brinker will be in the building doing the coin toss at the game so she will actually be in the building. For those who don't know who she is, she is the founder of Susan G. Komen foundation itself. Its an honor to be in the halftime show she is putting on with Jerry Jones in honor of kicking off the first Sunday of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

When we found out we were chosen it was a blessing all in itself. I cant wait, I know I keep saying that but I really mean it. I want to represent for all the women who fight everyday and don't get credit for what they go through. I am here to give you credit and say to you, Keep Fighting, Keep Shining, and do not give up no matter what. It is a new day everyday and don't be afraid to get up and try again because of it. I know every women out there has the strength in them to do it. Yes you have hard days, yes you cry, yes you have to get mad and get it all out so that you can move on and get things done.

I am st the beginning of my radiation for my spine and my left leg. I thought it was my shoulder but no, its my spine. They will be doing my shoulder later. So I say that I am going to get it done, and zap this crap right out of my body!

Anyway, besides it making me tired, I am really responding well to this radiation. I am not scarring, or scabbing, or burning on my skin yet so I have my fingers cross that I wont have to go through that again.

Peace and love,
Renee B.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The xrays I had last week of September came back with a fracture in my shoulder. I knew it was hurting but wasn't sure it had gotten to that point of a fracture. The cancer in my bones is responsible for that and I know that I will have more pain before I get relief.

I found this out when I was at my consultation for my radiation so the only good thing that came out of this is I will be able to do my shoulder radiation at the same time as my leg radiation. Its 10 treatments as well. I am at very happy that I wont have to wait for my leg radiation to be done before I started on my shoulder.

So I have had first appointment and I get my schedule and my first treatment on my next visit. I already know what to expect pretty much so this should blow by and be a breeze. My chest radiation was 39 treatments so 10 doesn't feel so long or wont burn me as bad as this time. I guess we shall see...