Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great 4th weekend

I have to add that we had a great 4th holiday with Unc and Judy, Reather, and Mike. My mom and sisters went to. Then we went to fireworks. We went swimming and cooked out.. It was a blast. Thanks guys!

Doctor Appointment Today

Today I had my appointment with my oncologist. Its been 3 months since I have talked with her. I really like this lady. Anyway, I had a panic attack in the morning before my appt. I did not want to go. I did not feel well. I wanted to reschedule. So what is the next thing I hear. Bang Bang Bang on my door, my mom is like, you have to get up, we have to go now. In the long run, I am glad she did. Seems to me, that somehow I can sense and know when I am about to get some major news, and fight going. Its alot to take.
So here is the latest.....
I have been recommended to consult the surgeon about having a double mastectomy, and reconstruction. She says she thinks its a good idea for me to hear what the surgeon thinks. Then I will also talk to the radiology oncologist because she also thinks I may need radiation on my leg now that the support rod has been put in, I can focus on killing the cells that are eating my bone. I am for it. I am for talking to both these people... Its just alot to hear, to take in as you can imagine.
Good thing is the tumor marker count that they do when they take my blood had been going up and its now going down. My blood is tested and there is a number assigned. The number has been going up. Well today it was down, by 100 points. Last time it was 331, this time it was 221. She expects that the next count will be down to 100 which she says means that my cancer is in check and being maintained properly. Good news. The normal marker count for any person 38. So lets go 38! So its all scheduled, and when I see her again in November, she expects that all the surgery, and radiology will be complete. I will continue to get my zomeda treatments every 4 weeks. Then at the end of November, she will send me for new scans. So, so far that is what I know of my next 6 months. Its going to be pretty major. But hey, I did say reconstruction. Thats a good thing. I have been waiting to do this, even tho its a major thing. Chris also thinks if we cut out the brain the rest will die off. He has always said that, and none of the other doctors listened to us when we said we wanted to do this months ago. Everything happens when its supposed to I guess.
My leg has been ok for the most part. Everything healed up on the outside of my leg. I still feel pain in the part of the bone that has the lesion. I also feel the anchoring of the rod in my hip and my knee. They said it would take a while for the rod to fuse with my bone. Maybe thats what I feel. Everyone around me says its only been a month since my surgery. I am doing excellent considering that. I am just left with the remaining pain. I dont feel the stress on the bone that I used to before I had to rod to support me. I feel the pressure off of the bone when it comes to that.
I would say all in all, I am making forward progress. We were at the doc office all freakin day. We opened and closed that place. It took alll day, I was dying. Torture. I am glad I went and got it overwith. I have to go back in the morning to talk with pain management. I did tell my doctor how the did me in ICU. I was pissed that they didnt read my pain med chart and see that they werent giving me the right stuff. I didnt go through all that without being heard trust me. I dam near cussed every nurse in there out. They even asked me if I remember yelling at them. I was like Hell Yes I remember, and I will do it again. Do your dam job. Right. Why does it take the pain management 25 minutes to come when they page her? Lady, you know I am crying my ass off, and you take your sweet time. Oh believe me, she heard about it hey, all that is behind me. Time to march forward. Now I just need to keep this attitude the whole time is the trick. I will approach it like everything else.... Lets do this!