Friday, June 26, 2009

LIFE's Balance

So I already announced that my niece was born. I am so thankful that our prayers are answered and she came out healthy, happy, and content. I had this whole thing in the back of my mind of the whole life in life out thing. It has been my experience that this is how it works, how things get balanced. Sorta like the whole famous people die in 3's thing. On the day that Lisa went in to the hospital to get induced, Mona her dog also went into labor. She had one puppy and was still in labor even after Alyssa was born. My mom ended up taking her to the vet where they delivered the puppy, and Mona made it through the surgery and came home. When she came home my mom cared for her but sadly she didnt make it. Nor did any of her puppies. Not only that, but my little dog CoCo whom Chris and I rescued also passed the same day. She was killed in front of my sisters house where they have the street blocked off and are doing construction on the road. May not seem a big deal to some people who dont get the whole dog thing, but this is no doubt a big loss in our family. I know in my heart that Mona and CoCo saved me. I got to stay and be with my family a little longer. I was not called to even out the balance just yet. I still have work to do, I still have living to do. I still have stocks to anyway.. I wanted to pay respects to our family dogs. We have all but retired being in the dog business, we can't take losing another one. My Bits, who is Mona's puppy from her first litter, the only survivor is my one and only now. He is my everything. He loves me just as much as I love him....him so Bity...

Shelby Mustang Convertible

I always wondered where my love of cars comes from. I am not a regular girl. I love cars. I love going fast. When all this crap went down my ride at the time was brand new silver Mustang with black racing stripes. It was the best car. Part of the devastating thing was giving it up. I hereby state that I am making it up. I decided that I am going to get a Shelby Convertible. I havent decided the color. I like black, I love the blue one, I love the green one... but I will have it painted anyway. I wont accept anything less. I had to give up my mustang. Do you know the pain of separation that has caused. I now know that my dad was an avid car guy. His car when he met my mom was maroon 69 camero blacktop with magwheels. Mesquite cops used to harass him too by pulling him over every five seconds because of how the car was jacked up to within 1/2 an inch of the legal limit. I know he loved cars. I loooovvve cars. I am a car girl. I will have my mustang again. I am patient trust me. I will wait until I get the one I want. I will wait until I find the one I want. I will save until I can pay almost the whole thing off. It will be a convertible. What color you ask?No other than purple of course. A nice dark, sweet looking purple. And you think you will find me at home after that. I will ride to my appointments in that car, no problem. I would be fighting to go. Vroomvroom baby!


I perhaps have the best son on the planet. He is a shining star in the world of crap that is everyday life. He makes me smile no matter what is happening. He can say or do something that is classic Mijoman. I always say if that is all I did with my life was contribute this great kid, I would be fine. I mean that. I contributed to a person that is going to make a difference in this world. My daughter is feeding off of what he does and thought it was not ok when I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up. She told me the Air Force like Christopher like I was supposed to know that. My boy has been a junior technically since the 2nd semester of his sophmore year. He is a great looking boy. Every mother says that, but come on. You have seen him...LOL.. now I know that he is meant for great things. I hope to think that I had at least 1% to do with that... I wont claim it all like some parents do. He is his own person, he makes his own decisions. I can only try to provide him with all the information, all sides to consider and know that I have made a great mind that is street smart, book smart, has the looks and the attitude to close the deal. I have a legacy already. 2 of them. And that is more than a lot of people can say. He will carry on the name proudly. MY SON, CHRISB2!