Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wire Bras

I have to put my public statement out there about wire bras. Due to the nature of my injury and the physical presence of a scar I know without a doubt that a wire injury from a bra in around 2005 caused the cancer that I am now facing. I know what your saying, it was cheap. No, I got this bra at Neimans. So it was not cheap. I was cut along the side of my left breast. It was a pretty good cut. It ended up healing and there was a scar but nothing major. Just like when you get a good cut anywhere it leaves a scar. This is where the cancer is now. The main area. I have told doctor after doctor this. All they say is there is no proof one way or another. I tell them I am the proof. When I saw the mammogram of my left breast, all you can see is a big black mass. I asked the doctor last time if they can differentiate the scar tissue from the cancer. His answer was NO! Can you believe that? Scar tissue comes up black. Cancer shows as black. Its all together. This is where is started. I want to tell all the women out there that if you get a wire injury from a bra, get it looked at and documented immediately. Sad thing is, I can not go after anyone for liability because the statute is really short. I couldn't even go after the doctors who misdiagnosed me because of the statute. It sucks. I know I would not have had a hard time proving my case. I actually was talking with several lawyers, but by the time they got back with me it was on the edge of the timeline. It wasn't long enough for anyone to gather a proper case together. So I have to just get the word out about this finally. I say I don't know why I am dealing with this, but I do actually. Its because of a wire bra. Just be careful out there ladies!



So I realized that all this was taking place during the weeks my kids go back to school and I wont do the surgery if it effects them. To me, my numbers are going down anyways. Things are not out of whack. Its not a major emergency to do it NOW. I want to finish my radiation. Then I want to do the surgery. Only if they are going to do what I want. I wont budge. Its my one and only vessel and I wont take these decisions lightly.
Besides I think I cracked or maybe broke a rib late Sunday or Monday. I dont know how. All I know is they told me I had a cracked rib before from a scan and I didnt even know it. I actually heard a crack, and it feels like there is a break or a crack. Im like jeez, somethin else. I havent put a call into the doc yet, I have just been sleeping and not moving and taking it easy. I feel a little better right now. When I am all hopped up on these pain meds I dont feel a dam thing..lmao.. its no joke.
Well right now, they moved my appointments to Fri, and the follow up on next Wed. And the radiation date is for Thurs. They keep moving these things around, so I dont know if these dates are set in stone. We will see. Then I will let you know!