Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ortho Appointment Today

So today was the ortho appointment. My two sisters and my mom picked me up and we go one hour early because the last time we were there we waited for so long it was ridiculous. So this time guess what, we got there an hour early and waited even longer. Thirty minutes till the xrays. Two and a half hours in the waiting room. Three hours in the examining room waiting for the doctor. I mean we looked through every cabinet, my sister played with every gadget, went up and down on the bed, and finally jumped on the internet on the computer in the room. And we were late picking up K. my daughter from school. So we looked for beach houses for when we go to Padre. Luckily it all paid off because he is a Dr. McDreamy. Jess named My mom said.. well my knee hurts Neways....
So from the xrays, the lesion has progressed and the doctor told me it was up to me if I wanted to have surgery. He showed me the xrays of then and now on the computer in the room. If you wanna picture it, basically it is like someone took a bite out of my bone. That is what I lesion is. It technically isnt a fracture because there is no crack, but the stress that it causes on the rest of my bones cant be good. That is why I have pain, at least one of the reasons. It is now over half my right femur bone. That was why the computer was in there to begin with. To show us our xrays or records. They have one in every room. I was advised from my pain management doctor on the visit last week that if the doctor recommends the surgery that I should do it. I asked the doctor if after the surgery, would I need a cane to walk.?? He said no. I said thats what I want. Lets do it. I agree. Before it breaks and I will have to do this anyway. SO I am getting a rod inserted in my leg as the support for my right femur bone. They make an incision on my hip, and on my knee and basically push the rod down in and anchor it to my hip and my knee basically. I asked for the earliest day they had. I want to do this. My mom suggested to wait till after my sister has her baby in a couple weeks. Heck no. I cant think about this for two weeks, wobbling around in pain. I hope it will ease at least some of the pain. My surgery date is June 1st. And it sucks because I realized after we got home that it is the same day as my daughters award ceremony for her perfect attendance trophy she is going to get. I am so proud of her. This is one of those things that I am going to have to miss. I feel like I let her down. Jess and Lis will go and take picts for me when I wake up. But at least I will be able to have a nice summer hopefully being able to go places like the zoo and Six Flags where I can walk around. We are going to Kroger night at Hawaiian Falls on Friday. They rented it out. So I will be in the wave pool and lazy river all day relaxing and preparing for Monday. Send me angels and prayers. I stay overnight in the hospital then I can come home. Maybe a couple 2-3 days taking it easy. Then I should be good to walk. At least without my cane. The rod will support my bone and hopefully be a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed!