Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am coming up on yet another doctor that is going to take over my care. The one I truly like is the highest on the totem pole but at times I do speak with other doctors. I am studied more than you can imagine. I am such a rare case that they read everything there is on me. Study me. I used to feel like a science experiment. You begin to feel somewhat like that and its makes you paranoid whether you are getting the care you need or are they just interested in getting the numbers. I have felt like that before. I changed. Needless to say I asked if she knows anyone that specializes in Advanced care. We will see. I have had good and bad when it comes to my health care. I can say that my surgeons have been excellent. If I would have had to pick, I would have picked to have the more experienced surgeon. The one who did my hysterectomy was the most experienced in the area at the laprascopic(sp?) type of surgery. I have had to deal with so many different sides of this. It had been enough to drive any individual crazy. I will write more, like the methadone that I was put on for pain, and the constant withdrawl that I experienced, or the meds that switch and make me sick on almost every meal, or the bones in my body that contain disease and are being eaten away. This is what the chemo is coming in for. I will be assigned a chemo doctor on top of the new oncologist and so its going to be a bunch of new faces. I have faith that I am being sent the people I need to take care of me. For the longest I was only sent people who had the same name of people in my immediate family. I know that wasn't a coincidence. I have faith. Its one thing I keep close, and my ability to heal quickly from things.. I sleep. I sleep. Fingers crossed.. moving steadily forward.