Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Man

My Wife's post: Great with respect, acknowledge he is the man, doesnt always have to be verbal, just because your husband/man expects meals & a little cleaning is probably because its just him wanting to be taken care of in turn for him taking care of you. Again sometimes unspoken. Show him you have everything there is to offer, you fit the checklist, he just needs reminding after all men are very verbal creatures. Some men are not into cuddling 24/7, dont get mad if you want something & he is honestly is asking you what you want & your not telling him. You think he's been with me for this long & he doesnt know what I want. Thats also called rowling yourself up or in a mans eyes "getting mad at him for no reason". In all fairness ladies he cannot read your mind. Help him out alittle & tell him what you want. Remember & give him credit, he has alot on his mind & already works a long week to come home to you. He doesnt read minds & neither do you. Ask for the same from him. Also another point I have learned from the patterns in my own marriage that when he is going to work without question & paying the bills, the car, the food & never once complains, then make sure you give him credit for that. When you get mad because you think he isnt paying enough attn to you remember that he dedicated every hour to taking care of a home with you included. In his eyes he is doing his part, the mans role, that works & pays bills & takes care of his woman.He actually would like to hear that you are proud of him during those moments, not that he doesnt pay enough attn to you. You want more, take a step back & switch it up. When he thinks your going to nag him because he didnt remember what color shirt you wore yesterday,To him he is taking care of his business, which is taking care of you & kids, if there are any. Tell him thanks for once - Renee Bravo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its been a while

Hello Guys,

Its been a while since I posted on my tulips blog, well im back! I had to really collect myself for a couple of days and realy reflect on my wife not being here. Its still a big shock to us that our Angel is not here. The weird thing is that we can see her here at home! My daughter sees her all the time walking and has wings so it really feels like she is here. I see her but its transparent when I do, who cares right as long as shes here. I miss her guidence so much and her smell and that smile. I am not scared to die now cause I know shes waiting for me but I have to get our kids set. Enough about death! Its time to heal! Till next time!

Forever in our Hearts...Rae Rae love you girl!

Your Husband

King Tito

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I posted on my wifes blog due to me getting her memorial together. It was really hard to say goodbye to my wife in front of everyone since we never did share are most inner thoughts. The memorial was all how I planned it, I hope Renee was proud of me. Father Michael was gratious enough to precide over her memorial which meant the world to me and my family. A Father who knew us and especially knew my wife. Words of comfort I have been waiting to hear for 4 years since holding all emotions inside because I did not want to have Renee see me panic or scarred. Everyone that loved and cared for Renee was there and the ones who couldn't make it were sending prayers by the masses. Man I love and miss my wife, I am still in complete shock that shes gone. I feel her even now around me and I want to go fix her pillows or get her some juice. The nights are the worst for me, Im used to hearing Bebe I need your help and I dont hear that anymore. I hope my wife is taking a great journey in Heaven and saving a spot up their for me Right now though I have to fullfill her promise and get our son to graduate high school. So the past sunday my mother called and asked if were going to church and I just wasnt in the mood, then I rolled over and saw the hundreds of pictures I put on the wall and I heard her say Get UP so I did and church was like home only warmer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To my wife

Hi Guys, If you didnt already know my wife passed away yesterday fighting this Cancer and my girl cheated death twice. Know this all the nurses and doctors were the best I have seen and they put her in the best suite and what a view of downtown. You should have seen the glow in her eyes when we held hands and watch the sunset. Man that was priceless. I am not bitter my wife is gone cause I know she is with our Lord and loved ones. I saw it myself. I made the choice for thr doctors to release my tulip. She would have done the same for me. I didnt tell you guys last night when I was in bed and my daughter was sleeping with me and I couldnt sleep cause I kept smelling her. I was in pitch black and I kept saying bebe where are you??? I felt her! All this support and prayers is all she was striving for. You guys dont know our privite moments when we would not say anything but just talking with our minds and laughing. At her last moments when I made the final decision that Renee went out with no pain and was a soft exhale. I kissed my tulip all over and gave her my butterfly kisses on her nose. Man her smell of love was and is still intoxicating and drives me crazy even now. I just welded my wedding ring to my finger! I will make her spirit live forever so help me God!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Wife

Hi Im Renees husband Chris and I will be posting updates for my wife from now on. The latest on her condition is that her heatlh has taken a turn for the worse. She is very weak and it is hard for her to think clearly anymore. She is the toughest person I have ever met and I am lost without her. I have taken a leave of absense from work to be by her side from here on no matter what. There has been overwhelming support from family, my mom which rae sees as her mother, Janet and George, Mrs. Caster, My aunt Betty, Jessica her sister and many more. I have never had more faith in God and what his plans are for my wife. I told rae(renee) that our fathers must be starting bar fights in heaven and the Lord needs her to settle them down. I am trying to hold it together for my wife and kids but man it is overwhelming and I never tell my feelings but I can hear rae tell me "I need to update my blog" so here I am cause I know her friends and family that can't see her or talked to her are worried. She is in good hands, I already told her that I will be at her side and melt with her. Isnt that what marriage is all about? Thick and thin, whatever happens to be at eachothers side? She has taught me to be the man that I am and noone will ever take her place ever! She is MY HEART and you need your heart to stay alive. Just remember Renee's favorite verse: Be still and know that I am God, maybe this will bring you comfort.....

More to come I promise.