Sunday, May 3, 2009


I went today and had more scans. They schedued me for 10, 10:30am and 8pm. The 8pm one was the MRI. The one where they slide you in the big magnet that takes pictures. This one was for my abdomen. The first CT scans were for my neck and chest. So they shot radioactive dye in me 3 times that day. We spent alllllll day there. I do not like doing MRI's. They take sooo long. The last time I was in, the lady said that it would take 45 minutes. You must lay still, not move, and listen to the machine and the lady for when you have to take a breathe in and hold it for the pictures. another thing, Im not a fish, It was tough to hold it for the length that it takes to get the pictures they need. So 45 minutes came and went, and here I am still in the machine. I started freaking out in there, crying and it wasnt a great memory. These are the last scans till my appt. We'll see.